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Fahrplan Bus 828 Flughafen Stuttgart – Tübingen - Stuttgart


You can quickly arrive in Tübingen from anywhere. The geographical central point of Baden-Württemberg is situated on the intersection of the B 27 and B 28 main roads and therefore has good transport connections. The A 8 (Munich-Stuttgart) and the A 81 (Singen-Heilbronn) can be quickly reached by these main roads. The international airport Stuttgart-Echterdingen and Stuttgart's trade fair lie only approx. 25 Kilometers north of Tübingen. It is possible to arrive in Tübingen in the same time-span as in Stuttgart by taking the four-lane B 27 main road.


Public Transport

Fahrplan Bus 828 Flughafen Stuttgart – Tübingen - Stuttgart
Tübingen’s main train station is centrally located on the southern side of the town centre; the AFRICAN VILLAGE IS 10min. walk from the main train station.  There are good connections to the South, for example to the Bodensee and Switzerland as well as to the North (ICE direction Düsseldorf/Berlin) and to the ICE connections Stuttgart/Plochingen. From the international airport Stuttgart-Echterdingen or as the case may be from Stuttgart's trade fair, you can reach Tubingen with the Airport-Sprinter bus line 828.


Bus service to Tübingen 

Click on this link - place of destination – Tübingen in Germany, this service is available everywhere in Germany; a cheaper and legal transport service is Europe and Germany in particular. 


AccomodationPlease visit our official tourism homepage for all accommodation needs; http://tuebingen-info.de/uebernachten.html click on the English /French language bottoms to get relevant information. Hotels, private rooms and Apartment, youths Hostel, free on spot camping
It is possible that your desired host cannot be booked online but has rooms free. Please contact your chosen landlord either by telephone or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Camping - showcase of German hospitality & friendly people

Entry camping Our camping place is integrated directly on the festival ground and can accommodate up to 200 families. Plan your trip and settle in on Wednesday before the festival starts on Thursday, relax till Monday morning. Take a trip downtown our beauty city of Tubingen or to nearby cities like Metzingen-an International shopping outlet with more than 20.000 International visitors daily or visit the Neckar-alb region or why not Baden-Württemberg, discover a schwabian- african mix, spätzle and fufu. You roll in our prestigious cars.. Mercedez-Benz, Porsche so why not visit their Museum in Stuttgart, just 30km from International African Festival village and see for yourself, what type of Voo-doo is practiced to transform metal into a beautiful piece of art...that is us SCHWABIANS!

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