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Afrikafestival 2018 09.08.2018 10:00 19 Days

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Welcome to Burundi, the Heart of Africa!


International Afrika Festival Tübingen opens its doors wide open to Burundi, a country known as the „heart beat of Africa“  10.16 Million inhabitants. Bujumbura is the capital city, colonized by Germany, then Belgium and sorrounded with neighbours such as Rwanda to the North, Tanzania to the south and east and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west.


Join us 4 days of Burundi Extravaganza festival of - Arts, Culture, Tourism, Humanright, traditional and modern dance performances.  Authentic african
acts, entertainment and workshops for our own enjoyment. The festival is not just a showcase to entertain other people, it is first and foremost for us and our children!



Apart from cultural programms, together we shall critically discuss the challenges and political issues facing Burundi today. Don’t miss out the Africa Diaspora and developmental Forums with guest speakers, amongst others the Burundi Diaspora. Listen as they tell the story of Burundi they way it is. Do

n´t miss out our symposiums with exciting topics on the latest developments on the entire continent of  Africa and the african Diaspora worldwide. Who is who? And who is doing what? Where and how?  as contribution to the development of Africa.



So plan your vacation Now! Book and reserve your Hotels NOW at best rates! Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 July 2016, together lets learn about the partnership between Burundi and Baden-Württemberg –south region of the 16 Federal states of Germany. Don’t be told this time, Find out for yourself if
this partnership is for real? Partnership based on Equality or just another trick of exploitation?


joyceGoodnews is the newly appointed Burundi native Mrs Joyce M. Muvunyi  as manager of the Partnership competence center in Stuttgart by The Stiftung Entwicklungs- Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg (SEZ), so we from AfrikAktiv endorses this act and think this partnership is for real, anyway Mrs Muvunyi shall tell us more during the festival days.


Hey! One more thing, take your family along, International Afrika Festival Tübingen is a huge family friendly festival – with lots of exciting programms and activities for children and youths!


The International Afrika Festival Tübingen is designed and produced by AfrikAktiv, a non-profit, apolitical Organisation supported by the african Diaspora in Germany.  Our mission is to mobilize african people of different countries worldwide each year to Tübingen, south Germany, near Stuttgart and to unite, educate and Empower the more than 500.000 african Diaspora in Germany who are still facing all sorts of in humanization.


Click on  AfrikAktiv – Homepage to learn more about our work and how you can contribute and support!


See you in Tübingen, the University Town of Germany!


For more Informations about Burundi, visit the official Homepage of Burundi

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